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Two-Year Hybrid, Entry-Level OTD


Hanover College’s hybrid, accelerated Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) Program prepares you to become a leader in the profession in just two years. An entry-level OTD degree requires a personal commitment to academic growth, professional behaviors, innovation and service. Hanover OTD will create opportunities for you to learn and grow as a highly skilled, general occupational therapist.

Why Apply Early?

Hanover College’s OTD Program has rolling admission. When you apply early, you get your admission decision early. Getting your admission decision early gives you plenty of time to plan for travel, file your FAFSA and get acquainted with other students and faculty joining the program. Applying early also helps you avoid any syncing issues with your application related to the OTCAS blackout period starting June 9.

Priority Application Deadline: June 7, 2024

Application Deadline: November 29, 2024

Classes Start: January 2025


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The Hanover OT Learning Experience

The learning experience at Hanover OTD weaves together online learning, lab immersions, fieldwork and a capstone experience and project to develop strong and effective practitioners in the occupational therapy field. Students will learn to use evidence-based practice and develop their clinical decision-making skills in an innovative and challenging learning environment. Hanover OTD students will use sound judgment and intellectual curiosity to carry out a commitment to service in your communities.

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Why Choose Hanover?

The innovative curriculum and format of the Hanover OTD program develops strong clinical reasoning skills, occupational-focused clinical skills and professionalism. Students will learn the importance of diversity, culture and inclusion in their interactions as occupational therapists.

Why Choose OTD?

Occupational therapists (OT) collaborate with their clients to determine the daily tasks and activities that are meaningful and necessary to empower the client to maximize their independence, increase their occupational participation, and boost their occupational engagement. OTs meet the unique and distinct needs of people, populations, and communities and are strong advocates for the profession and their clients.
Cohort Starts: January 2025
Application Deadline: Fall 2024
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"I’ve treated every population you can imagine, and I’ve worked in many, many settings and there has not been one day that I’ve been unhappy with my choice."
Gayla Aguilar
Director of Fieldwork Education
"OT is one of the few careers where it is difficult to be bored. Once certified, an OT may choose to work with children, adults or the elderly, in hospitals, schools or community settings, in cities or rural areas. An OT may choose to work full-time or part-time. There are so many niches, opportunities, and ever-developing innovative options."
Brenda K. Lyman
Director of Admissions
"It’s a great opportunity for you to grow, test your skills and become a true entry-level practitioner."
Sheri Montgomery
OTD Program Director
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