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Turn your OTA into an OTD at Hanover College

The Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) program at Hanover College gives Occupational Therapy Assistants (OTAs) a combination of online learning, lab immersions to learn hands-on skills, and the choice of over 2,000 sites and organizations for fieldwork and the doctoral capstone. Lab immersions are held on Hanover's campus and in a new dedicated lab space in southern Indiana, across from bustling Louisville, Kentucky. The innovative curriculum and format of the program develops occupational therapists with strong clinical reasoning skills, professionalism, and a passion for their clients.

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Preference for
Occupational Therapy Assistants

OTAs are considered significant applicants during the Hanover OTD admissions process. Four prerequisite courses and 30 observation hours are waived for OTAs. Learn more about Admissions and Prerequisite requirements for OTAs below.

OTAs are Uniquely Qualified

Hanover OTD recognizes that OTAs are uniquely qualified to earn their Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree. As an OTA, you are equipped with the hands-on skills that will put you at an advantage while treating patients during our program and in your occupational therapy career.

The College offers rolling admissions, which means the sooner you apply, the earlier you could receive a decision. Apply now to secure your seat with fellow OTAs for the Class of 2025.

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Cohort Starts: January 2, 2024
Application Deadline: November 30, 2023
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Why OTAs Choose Hanover for an OTD

  • Special Offerings for OTAs
    • Four prerequisite courses and observation hours are waived for the OTA
    • Additional credit is given to each OTA in the admissions process
  • The Hybrid Program Design
    • Live at home and in your local community while attending school
    • Learn from both online and in-person methods of instruction
  • An Accelerated Pace of Study
    • Study intensively the first year and complete fieldwork and a capstone experience in the second year
    • Earn a doctoral degree one year earlier than most doctoral-degree OT programs
  • Equity and Diversity at Hanover College
    • Hanover College is as “A Place to Belong” for all persons
    • Holistic admissions for OTD promotes rich student diversity
  • To Learn from Experts
    • Hanover’s OTD Directors have over 175 years of clinical practice and clinical education experience
    • Students are instructed by faculty from across the country who are subject-matter experts
  • To Have a Choice in Educational Experiences
    • Stay near family or explore another state for fieldwork and capstone experiences
    • Explore a passion or develop a specialty — the doctoral capstone project and experience offers in-depth study, individualized to your interests and goals
    "OTAs understand what OT is and love the profession! OTAs have occupational therapy experience so can easily build on that experience to attain a greater understanding for therapeutic interpretation required in occupational therapy doctoral education."
    Brenda Lyman, OTD, OTR/L
    Director of Admissions
    "There is no feeling like seeing the impact you can make as an OT in someone’s life."
    Inti Marazita, PhD, MS, OTR/L
    Director of Curriculum
    "I’ve worked with children, teenagers, and adults in my career and no day is ever the same. It’s fun helping people of all ages participate in whatever is meaningful to them!"
    Stephanie Bachman, DHSc, OTD, OTR/L, CLA
    Director of Student Affairs
    Admission Requirements
    Prerequisite Course Requirements
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